Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom & Hollywood Studios

Cinderella's Caste at Sunset

This visit to Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios was the third time I visited, and I never get tired of the beauty of it all. The first step into Magic Kingdom on Main Street, seeing the castle from afar... Yeah, I do not think you get used to that view no matter how many times you visit. 

What astounds me the most is how Disney manages to have the place alive! Always adding more content, more attractions, more themes, etc. When I last went back in 2014, I remember seeing them building a new rollercoaster (which literally opened few days after I visited) which is now called Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. A top of that, there is a new parade that includes a fire breathing dragon! I got to witness this, but believe when I say I was so impressed by all of this that I did not even think about capturing it in a photo!

Magic Kingdom

Disney Panoramic Photo

Cinderella's Castle

I really wanted a Minnie headband, but I had gotten one back in 2014. Atop of that, I had forgotten how expensive they were just to use them for one day, and have them as a discarded decoration around your room. 34 dollars, Disney? C'mon, now!

Walt Disney World 1

Big Thunder Railroad


Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios

I've always loved, loved visiting Hollywood Studios because of it's super vintage feel. My mother and I chose a cute little cafe, where we thought they'd have really extravagant, delicious coffee with cute pastries. Once we walked in, it was just a freaking Starbucks! Even at that, hats off to Disney on this, they make everything look so American retro.

Tower of Terror Hollywood Studios

Muppet 3D

Dreambuilders Quotes

A cute little detail that Disney had was that everywhere that they were building new stuff (and that is all over Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios), they put a lot of famous Walt Disney quotes about getting stuff done. Cutest thing ever!

  Star Wars Shoes

  Star Wars Exhibit

Stormtrooper Exhibit

Disney is seriously doing such a great job with Star Wars. It has a show in the main plaza about every hour and a half. The attractions and museums they have are also amazing! You see so many people with their children in their Star Wars shirts and costumes, super excited to visit all the attractions. Most of all, you see so many grown ups asking their kids or partner to take a picture of them with all the Star Wars exhibits, rides, stages, etc. It's such a beautiful thing to witness!

Star Wars Path

Star Wars Gadgets

The attractions that I liked the most in Hollywood Studios were two: 3D, motion-simulated Star Wars themed Star Tours and the 4D moving shooting range Toy Story Mania. To be completely honest with you all, this was my third time in Hollywood Studios and this time around was the first time I discovered the Pixar section! *insert monkey covering mouth emoji here*

Toy Story Mania Ride

Toy Story Mania


Hollywood Studios Entrance

Goodbye, Disney! 




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