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absolutely adore Urban Outfitters, I really do. I have a healthy (so I think it is) obsession with them. Every single product they have calls out to my soul to be bought. It’s a hard life out here for someone in love with Urban Outfitters, it really is. Even at that, their tattoos are also gripping my soul and shredding it into two with their perfection.

 Temporary tattoos are supposed to be some 5 years old’s joke with their friends – putting them in places where our parents can’t see, becoming our little secrets. Yet, Urban Outfitters put the latest trends and patterns into these little paste on things, and made them perfect.

            I mean, seriously, every tattoo on those pages Urban Outfitters has clustered together for you to try out are all great! I want to put all of them at once, but that would look kind of silly. Ugh, bummer! The up side to that is, hey! New tattoo every day, how about it?
            Nevertheless, the one thing – only thing, I swear – that I truly dislike from the tattoos is their white, flaky tattoo border. You know, that clear border outside the picture that’s the biggest sign of your temporary rebellion? Well, I really don’t like it. If I don’t pay attention to my tattoo for a while, the clear border starts to fall off little by little, making it look like your skin is dry and ugly. Yuck!
            Apart from that, though: Dear Urban Outfitters, remain perfect and never change.


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