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ZARA Trafaluc SS’13 Shoes

By rebeccantu | October 21, 2013

I love ZARA. It is, and always will be, one of my favorite stores thanks to its broad array of products. Walking into a store, they have everything separated between style, and those styles are separated by color, and those colors are separated by the latest to newest products. Everything is very well thought of […]

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Burberry Polarized Sunglasses

By rebeccantu | September 8, 2013

        Burberry has been my complete obsession since the summer of 2010 while I was strolling on the luxury avenues of Italy. Coming upon that store completely ruined my life! Having just finished scoping Prada, Mont Blanc, and Diesel and finding absolutely nothing, I was just about to head onto the ice-cream […]

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Chuck Taylor Red Converse

By rebeccantu | September 1, 2013

My obsession with Converse should be painfully obvious by now. I mean, could you really blame me for loving shoes that go great with everything? They’re seriously lifesavers. (Er – outfit savers? Take your choice!) Anyways, I got these shoes on Sunday and wore them roughly three times this week, standing out in my shoe […]

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C&A Sunglasses

By rebeccantu | August 23, 2013

These sunglasses are so fashion savvy with such an affordable price, they’re basically a dream come true. Their design is conservative, chic, and modern all rolled into one. Their cost? Only $20 bucks, can you believe that? C&A has always been one of my favorite stores, they hold such cute stuff with prizes that won’t […]

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AWD Amsterdam Hoodie

By rebeccantu | August 15, 2013

          It’s rather odd that I consider my visit to Amsterdam in 2011 extremely successful because of the hoodie souvenir I brought back home, or is it? I mean, I went into a little, cute shop and bought this hoodie and it’s become one of my favorites. Who would’ve guessed! I […]

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Converse All Star Ox Black

By rebeccantu | August 12, 2013

        Converse with skinny jeans, flared jeans, a skirt, or a dress, we all know Converse are great with everything! They come in all colors, patterns, and shapes and they are splendid! Not to mention how comfortable they are, by the way! Everywhere you go, every one recognizes that white front, but […]

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