Weekly Meal Plan: July 18 – July 24

Cannot believe we are in the middle of summer! Everything I seem to be craving is fruits, ice-cold water, and really sweet things… Meal plan, come and save me! Lately, I’ve been burning A LOT of calories with my workouts, so I’m all for that antioxidant juice I have this […]

Weekly Meal Plan: June 27 – July 3

  Well, June is about to be over and we’re about to enter July. Probably the hottest month of the year in most places of the world. With the heat, your body is just screaming for an ice-cream sundae, slushies, popsicles, etc. A meal plan is really needed, it’s what […]

FYTSO Subscription Box Review

UPDATE: It has come to our attention that FYTSO no longer offers a subscription box, but they are still set up online and run a fitness magazine.  FYTSO is a personal styling service for women who live an active lifestyle. It is a fairly easy to follow subscription box, and you […]

Weekly Meal Plan: June 20 – June 26

  I decided to change up the meal plans a bit for this week. Hopefully this new design will stay even though I take a while doing them! I think they’re so, so cute! I feel like my meal plans have improved (and gotten cuter), since I started them back in […]

Walt Disney World: Magic Kingdom & Hollywood Studios

This visit to Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios was the third time I visited, and I never get tired of the beauty of it all. The first step into Magic Kingdom on Main Street, seeing the castle from afar… Yeah, I do not think you get used to that view […]

Weekly Meal Plan: June 13 – June 19

  Summer eating is hard. It is something a bit difficult for me to admit, but it truly does feel that way. I went a week without my usual meal plans, and I’ve been a complete mess. I mean, there is a reason I stuck to my meal plans for so […]

Universal Studios & Islands of Adventure

I am so, so guilty, but I admit that I chose to visit Universal Studios as the first thing to do on my trip to Orlando just for Harry Potter’s new Diagon Alley, and basically to see Hogwarts again! Nonetheless, I really must admit to you guys that visiting Orlando a […]

Airport to Animal Kingdom Lodge

I’ve always said that if you’re going to spend the most of your day on the plane, wear super comfortable clothes! I cannot understand wearing high heels and really fashionable clothes to the airport so they could only get wrinkled. Obviously, if you have a meeting afterwards, seeing your family, going […]

I’m going to Orlando, FL!

In a beautiful, spur of the moment decision, my family and I have decided to go to Orlando, FL for the week! We’re leaving tomorrow afternoon and arrive at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge at evening, ready to sleep away!  We decided on this beautiful schedule:  Tuesday: Visit Orlando Studios all day […]

The Girl On The Train: Is It Worth The Hype?

This book has caused major hype, and it’s been a great read for those who crave the genre that Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn created. It is coming to theater near you very soon, and if you’ve seen the trailer, you’ll understand me when I say this is one story […]

Meal Plan for May 23 – May 29

  I’ve found that it is much easier to keep in track with what I eat and my fitness goals if I have a meal plan set up for what is next every time I am hungry. Luckily, these past 4 months I’ve found a schedule that has worked for […]

Marc Jacobs Fragrance OH, LOLA!

I fell  in love with this wonderful perfume the moment my nose caught the scent. I was walking around the mall, and the woman handed me the perfume sample rather abruptly. On my first scent, all I could smell was the alcohol, and I almost threw it once and for all. […]

Amazing Books with Amazing Series: Pretty Little Liars

  I always denied myself of watching Pretty Little Liars because I knew the books differentiated from the show a lot. Nevertheless, after finishing Game of Thrones, I didn’t have a series to watch on a daily basis anymore. I saw Pretty Little Liars on the “Trending Now” list in […]

TV Shows to Watch in Your Free Time

  TWO AND A HALF MEN Either the old series where Charlie Sheen was starring in it, or in the modern one where Ashton Kutcher’s handsome face took over the series this is one to watch. It never fails to make me laugh, there was even times where I couldn’t […]

Review on Disney World App

I had the glorious chance to go to Orlando, Florida and do the whole amusement parks tour that is routinely done by a lot of tourists. Routinely done, yes but it feels far like a routine. I had the chance to go to Wet N’ Wild, Universal Studios (Universal Studios and […]

Dressing Preppy On A Budget

We all secretly want to dress like the Ivy League collegiate kids that look like they have to perform an intensive research in a new multimillion dollar technological advancement then ride their yachts to Guam while studying advanced Economics. Bad part of it all is that their look can cost […]

Planting Flowers To Welcome Spring

The sunshine is here, the blooming flowers are here, the blistering heat is here… It can only mean one thing: spring! That’s right, Spring is here and it was always my ultimate goal to plant my first flowers once spring arrived. I bought the dirt and pot at Dollar Tree […]

Free Downloadable Bookmarks

I’m still obsessed with creating my own bookmarks, guys. It actually motivates me to read more now that every time I open my book to the page I last was in, my eyes meet the beauty of my customized bookmark. Yes, I may be tooting my own horn in calling […]

Spring’s Official Color: Blush Pink

This color is evident in all major designer label names like D&G, Chanel, Dior, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, etc. It’s like the fashion moguls got in an agreement to debut this beautiful, pastel color as the official color of Spring. Pastels and metallics have taken over this season undoubtedly, but this […]

DIY’s for Easter

April is nearing and that means that Easter is right at our toes and we have to get right down to creating anything that can resemble a bunny. I don’t know about you ladies, but Easter coming around is making my fingers itch to decorate the house and create Easter […]

2014 Spring Trend Alert: Purple

My mother is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to shopping and spotting trends. Who needs Vogue when you have someone who is out and about in the city shopping almost every day and reporting back to you with trend alerts? This month, me and my mom […]

Hairstyles for Windy Days

The windy and cold days are back in our town, the weather not really understanding that it’s time to let go and let the sun shine through. It really is fighting on it’s way out, and now it has trees almost bent with the unforgiving wind. I go back to […]

How To Create Bookmarks With PicMonkey

I’ve been creating my own bookmarks these past days because the ones sold at stores are absolutely boring and I do not like them. Making my own is inexpensive and lets me do everything the way I like it. As you see, my bookmarks are monogrammed but we’ll take a […]

Throwback to Los Cabos

Not many of you know, but I adore traveling. Every picture I own of all the places I’ve visited over the years are my greatest possessions. These are some of my favorite photos from Los Cabos.             Last but not least, a beautiful silhouette photo […]

Movies For A Rainy Day

            You can hear the thunder and the newly dropped rain pelting your window, but there is no need to hate the day yet. Rainy days can be a day of opportunity to catch up on things, clean the house/your room, read a book, write a story, among many other […]

March 2 – March 8 Roundup

March in it’s opening week was so very gracious to me, as it gave me a Tuesday off from school that so solemnly come by and an opening for Spring Break on Thursday, giving me a day less of school and one more to relax! And alas, did I relax. […]

5 Basic Public Manners

No matter where you are, out of town or out of the country, I’ve seen that some people show an extreme lack of mannerism out in public and it’s not so pretty. Here are some 5 manners that you should display (well, at least I think you should) when out […]

Free Pin It Buttons + Tutorial

  The latest blogging trend seems to be the Pinterest hover button over pictures, and there seems to be an unofficial competition on whom has the cutest ones. I took it upon myself to help you all this competition with this cute Pinterest buttons, and a tutorial to help you […]

Purse’averance by Gwen E. Campbell

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.   This book was extraordinary, and much more than I expected. At first, I thought this book was going to be cheesy and a bit childish but what the pages actually contained were very much over my expectations. What attracted […]

What do I give my special someone as a Christmas present?

That is the million dollar question: what do I give this Christmas? If you are pulling your hair out in trying to figure out what to get your special someone, say no more. I’m here to help you by finding the latest and most affordable gifts to get your loved […]

Marc Jacobs eReader Case

  Did you guys know that I’m also guilty in love with Marc Jacobs and everything they offer? I seemed to fly to their products like a moth to a porch light on a starry night. No kidding! While browsing through Zappos, I found this beautiful eReader case, at such […]

My First (of hopefully many) Stitch Fix

  Stitch Fix is all my dreams coming true in one box that arrives to my doorstep monthly. I mean – to be completely honest here, guys – how cool is it to be able to say I have a personal stylist? All thanks to Stitch Fix, I now feel […]

Great findings at Marshalls!

I haven’t gone shopping in what seems like forever. All my poor soul has known is the online click and receive, not getting to experience the fitting rooms, testing out of materials, going crazy over the last of the cutest top. I really did miss it, so when I took […]

My Expierence with SHOPBOP

SHOPBOP has become one of my favorite stores of all time. They hold the most notorious designers at such a great price, and everything is still in their original, mint package when shipped to you. Not to mention, their amazing and breathtaking minimalistic user-friendly website draws you in. It is almost fun browsing on […]

ZARA Trafaluc SS’13 Shoes

I love ZARA. It is, and always will be, one of my favorite stores thanks to its broad array of products. Walking into a store, they have everything separated between style, and those styles are separated by color, and those colors are separated by the latest to newest products. Everything […]

Monogram App

  This is the cutest app I own and have ever been obsessed with. No app is the cutest, sassiest, nor user-friendliest in the whole market. I mean, really – there is absolutely no competition for this bad boy. Who ever created this is a genius, and I’m sure they […]

Burberry Polarized Sunglasses

        Burberry has been my complete obsession since the summer of 2010 while I was strolling on the luxury avenues of Italy. Coming upon that store completely ruined my life! Having just finished scoping Prada, Mont Blanc, and Diesel and finding absolutely nothing, I was just about […]

Chuck Taylor Red Converse

My obsession with Converse should be painfully obvious by now. I mean, could you really blame me for loving shoes that go great with everything? They’re seriously lifesavers. (Er – outfit savers? Take your choice!) Anyways, I got these shoes on Sunday and wore them roughly three times this week, […]

C&A Sunglasses

These sunglasses are so fashion savvy with such an affordable price, they’re basically a dream come true. Their design is conservative, chic, and modern all rolled into one. Their cost? Only $20 bucks, can you believe that? C&A has always been one of my favorite stores, they hold such cute […]

Hotel Riu Palace Peninsula in Cancun

        Hotels were made to make you feel like home away from home. Rui Palace Peninsula does just this, for two days. After those two days, you end up going to bed right after you have dinner, for there is nothing to do. It’s not a family […]

AWD Amsterdam Hoodie

          It’s rather odd that I consider my visit to Amsterdam in 2011 extremely successful because of the hoodie souvenir I brought back home, or is it? I mean, I went into a little, cute shop and bought this hoodie and it’s become one of my […]

Revlon Scented Nail Enamel: Gum Drop

  Revlon’s color of choice for this was exactly what I was looking for. One of the biggest problems I face nail-polish shopping is to find the exact color I have on my mind. No one seems to get it right! It was to my utter shock and content that […]

Urban Outfitters Temporary Tattoos

          I absolutely adore Urban Outfitters, I really do. I have a healthy (so I think it is) obsession with them. Every single product they have calls out to my soul to be bought. It’s a hard life out here for someone in love with Urban Outfitters, […]

Converse All Star Ox Black

        Converse with skinny jeans, flared jeans, a skirt, or a dress, we all know Converse are great with everything! They come in all colors, patterns, and shapes and they are splendid! Not to mention how comfortable they are, by the way! Everywhere you go, every one […]

Tommy Hilfiger Milan Skinny Jeans

Tommy Hilfiger took the ultimate prize with the Milan Skinny Jeans model. They are unbelievably soft for a jean; it almost feels like a crossbred of a pajama bottom and leggings.            The waistline seems to hug the user’s waist, and not grab it and squeeze […]