The Girl On The Train: Is It Worth The Hype?


This book has caused major hype, and it's been a great read for those who crave the genre that Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn created. It is coming to theater near you very soon, and if you've seen the trailer, you'll understand me when I say this is one story (may it be on screen or on paper) to watch for. For those of you who have not seen the amazing trailer, here it is:


Now, I am seriously not lying when I tell you that I've seen this trailer so many times and I never tire of it. I easily saw it about some 10 times, much enough to hype me into buying and reading this book instead of studying for my finals. Oh yeah, that is how good it is: I ignored studying for finals just to finish this book. Instead of sleeping early for one of the hardest finals in my major, I stayed up reading this book. Not going to lie neither when I say that I also thought about this book while I took this exam! 

The plot twist in this book is... amazing. That's all I have to say. The plot twist is something you never expect, taking a turn on the road you least expected it to take. Not to mention the writing of this book was truly great, I sympathized so much with Rachel. I got as angry as Tom. I felt for Anna. I struggled with Megan. I was each and every character, something so very hard to achieve, but totally aced by Hawkins.

I sometimes lost sleep with this book - not for how great it was, although this happened on various occasions -- but for the chills it would give you. It got in my head, and made me scared to be alone. Even though I knew all these characters were made up, the chills I got while reading this book stayed with me while I tried to sleep. 

I highly recommend reading this book before you see the movie. Overall, I highly recommend reading this book!




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13 thoughts on “The Girl On The Train: Is It Worth The Hype?

  • Eli Dumas

    I’ve just started reading this book as I was curious about all the hype it has created but I have to say that I didn’t particularly enjoy Gone Girl so I hope I like this one better.

    • rebeccantu Post author

      If you didn’t like Gone Girl, I do hope you like The Girl on the Train. If you don’t though, let’s just hope the movie is great!

      • Eli Dumas

        I’m halfway through the book now and I’m so far enjoying the plot. I’m looking forward to knowing how it’s going to end. Even though I didn’t like Gone Girl, the book I watched the film, you never know…

        • rebeccantu Post author

          Oooh, that’s absolutely great to hear, Eli! I’m so excited to hear from you when you finish the book to see how you liked it! Keep me posted! xx

          • Eli Dumas

            Just finished reading it, can’t wait to see the film! I couldn’t put the book down after page 70 or so, I had to find out what really happened. I like the way the book teaches you a lesson about not to judge people so quickly, you can never know what lies underneath. I don’t know what to read next, any recommendations?

          • rebeccantu Post author

            Now, I know you’ve told me you did not like Gone Girl, but let’s give Gillian Flynn another chance now, shall we? After reading that you liked A Girl On The Train based off of the not-judging-people golden rule, and got wrapped up in having to know what happened, I know the perfect book for ya! I totally loved it, and I really hope you do as well. (Do not worry, it is not like Gone Girl. The books just share the same, awesome author.) It is: Dark Places by Gillian Flynn. It’s in my list of my all time favorites, so do come back and tell me if you liked it or not if you decide to read it!!