Meal Plan for May 23 – May 29


I've found that it is much easier to keep in track with what I eat and my fitness goals if I have a meal plan set up for what is next every time I am hungry. Luckily, these past 4 months I've found a schedule that has worked for me: create meal plan Sunday, buy food that I am missing on Monday, and workout and do yoga throughout Monday to Saturday. Obviously Sundays are my rest day where I prepare everything for the upcoming week.

I always read from fitness gurus how important it is to plan ahead to make it much easier to stay on track. After seeing results by how easy it is to stay eating healthy by knowing what you'll be eating next and how much, I strongly advise a meal plan for everybody.

This is my meal plan for May 23rd throughout May 29th. Feel free to save the meal plan as I've uploaded it as a picture!




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