Marc Jacobs Fragrance OH, LOLA!

fell  in love with this wonderful perfume the moment my nose caught the scent. I was walking around the mall, and the woman handed me the perfume sample rather abruptly. On my first scent, all I could smell was the alcohol, and I almost threw it once and for all. For some odd reason, I kept it in my hand while I kept on shopping.
 I had the perfume sample in my hand for about an hour, and I totally had forgotten about it. When I saw it on my hand next to my phone, I decided to give it another sniff. I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT. It no longer smelled like alcohol, but it’s heavenly, flirtatious smell. While I continued shopping, I had the sample stuck my nose while my brain repeated, “I have to go buy it. I have to go buy it.”  
Keeping my word, as soon as I finished my clothes shopping, I hurried up to where the woman had handled me the sample and demanded to buy the perfume. She nodded and sent a knowing smile at me, as if she knew I was going to come back for it.
Nevertheless, the perfume is great and I love to wear it every day but there’s just one small thing that really irks me off. It doesn’t last very long! I love to smell good, and I have to smell good all day. ‘OH, LOLA!’ doesn’t last very long, and it is it’s only flaw. But while it does last, throw yourself at every person you encounter, accidentally bump into any one, for you will smell heavenly.
On a side note, that bottle design? Talk about cute.




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