I’m going to Orlando, FL!

Orlando 2

In a beautiful, spur of the moment decision, my family and I have decided to go to Orlando, FL for the week! We're leaving tomorrow afternoon and arrive at Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge at evening, ready to sleep away! 

We decided on this beautiful schedule: 

  • Tuesday: Visit Orlando Studios all day (obviously try to obtain Fast Passes to try out as many places as we can in one day!). So excited to see Hogwarts for the third time, never really gets old!
  • Wednesday: Visit the beautiful, amazing Magic Kingdom! All the members in my family have visited about two times, but my younger brother has never been, and this trip was built mainly on him living the magic of well, Magic Kingdom!
  •  Thursday: Visit Hollywood Studios, even though this is on debate on whether to visit Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom. Fingers crossed for Hollywood Studios! 

As for my outfits for this trip, I really took my time in planning casual chic outfits that wear really comfortable to walk around all day in and withstand the intense Florida sun.


Tomorrow morning for the airport:




Friday at the airport back home:

Of course, I refuse to carry around a purse at the amusement parks, so I opted for a backpack. The companion to every single outfit is this beauty:




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