FYTSO Subscription Box Review

UPDATE: It has come to our attention that FYTSO no longer offers a subscription box, but they are still set up online and run a fitness magazine. 

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FYTSO is a personal styling service for women who live an active lifestyle. It is a fairly easy to follow subscription box, and you do not pay styling fees (huge plus!). It has gained a lot of popularity after being featured on national television. This was my second box from them, I was ready to review them! 

If you guys are familiar with Stitch Fix, then you already understand how this works. Of course, FYTSO is for workout clothes and accessories, whilst Stitch Fix is for casual, evening, party, etc. clothes and accessories.

The steps to set up your subscription for FYTSO are fairly easy, so that's a great thing they have.

1.- You have to start out by registering your information, and in what state you live in since they are currently only available in the U.S. You are ready to complete your profile now!

2.- In your profile, you can add a picture of you, your complete name, and an optional full body picture so your stylist can adhere the clothes they choose for you by your body type (this is completely optional, though, and I left mine blank). They ask for your contact info next, as this is how they will be contacting you for your monthly preview.

What is a monthly preview? 

Basically, at the beginning of every month, the stylist that was assigned to you will pick five items that they think you'll like. To save everyone from the hassle of sending you items you may not like to just return them, they send you a preview through your e-mail with the items that have been chosen for you that month. If you do not like them, you say you deny the items and your stylist will look for five new items. You only get to do this twice,  by the second time you do not like the items again, you will skip a month. In your previews, you can choose to swap out certain items for new ones and keep the ones you like, or just order certain items from your first preview.

They then ask you your height, weight, activities, goals, how often you work out, and your sizes. They then get to the nitty gritty: What kind of body type do you have? What do you like to flaunt? Are you into Athleisure? Any items, colors, or prints that we should avoid? What brands do you usually buy? It really does go on, and on. They really, really put the effort into knowing what you're all about. The thing I liked the most about them trying to figure out what you like and do not like is that they put 4 outfit pictures and ask you if you dislike it, like it, or totally love it.  They also ask for your budget and how much you would be willing to spend on certain items, I loved this!

3.- Later on you will receive an e-mail from your stylist with the items she has chosen for you based on your preferences and your budget. You're now set to go!

Let's get serious now, HIT or MISS? 

I am seriously in love with FYTSO, and everything they're about. The things they've sent me are the things I wear the most out of my workout clothes. But, they can't be that good, right? Well... They do have some things to sort out.

For example, when I received my first preview, I was so scared! I filled out so many preferences, and they did not choose a single item that I liked. I replied back to my stylist and told her that I declined everything from that preview, I did not like anything. I was on the edge of my seat, waiting for my second preview, but it never came!

I remember being so angry and contacting them to ask what was going on. Is this going to happen every month? Am I going to be left hanging here? Fortunately, they replied later on the same day to apologize about e-mail issues they were having and sent my second preview again. From that preview, I received some beautiful leggings from Electric Yoga.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 3.47.01 PM


You can find similar ones here from Electric Yoga:

Or these from different brands (all under $80!):

Needless to say, I had to put some serious pressure on FYTSO, because about three weeks had passed and I had not received my order! After e-mailing them about it, they arrived and a month later I receiver another montly preview. The items I chose to buy from that monthly preview were:


Those shoes I got are INCREDIBLE! I am not joking when I tell you guys that I've been looking for shoes like that for quite a while now, so when my stylist (thanks, Kelsey!) chose these for my monthly preview, I snatched them up! I mean, these are so comfortable and I wear them all the time now. They were my companions for my recent trip to Orlando and Disney World.

The jacket from Marika is so lightweight and beautiful, as well. My mother kept that jacket, so unfortunately, I do not have a loving opinion about it as I do with my shoes.



(You can get these shoes here.)

Right now, I am actually pretty mad at FYTSO. Why? Well, they sent me my monthly preview for the month of June and I did not like a single thing. I declined, meaning they had to send me another preview, but that never arrived into my inbox. Instead of e-mailing them about it like the first time it happened, I decided to let it go. I decided it was something to mention to all of you, they have a lot of e-mail issues regarding previews.

Overall, FYTSO is totally a hit

What are others saying on the internet about FYTSO? 

I've already read plenty of people reviewing them, and they always say how expensive they are. I mean, they are not lying. The things that your stylists can pick for you are sometimes in the $100+. Nevertheless, remember how I told you how they asked for your budget and how much you were willing to spend when you had to fill out your profile? That said, I think all those people crying about the prices should just go to their profile and change their budget and that problem can be instantly solved!

What I haven't read is about how long they take to send you what you've picked to buy, or all the e-mail issues they have about their previews. I hope you guys take that into consideration if you consider joining FYTSO so that you don't stress waiting for your package to arrive or for your monthly preview to land in your inbox like I did!

Wait... So should I join or not?

I definitely love FYTSO, and everything they're about. It's no surprise why they were featured on national television, multiple famous magazines, and popular websites. Their only con may be that they slow shipping and their occasional e-mail issues, but that is a small price to pay for such a great service! Overall, I give FYTSO an 8.5/10.





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