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I've always said that if you're going to spend the most of your day on the plane, wear super comfortable clothes! I cannot understand wearing high heels and really fashionable clothes to the airport so they could only get wrinkled. Obviously, if you have a meeting afterwards, seeing your family, going somewhere right after, etc. then yeah! Go super stylish! But, as for me, I was only to arrive at the hotel, so I opted for really comfortable clothes. Even at that, wear comfortable clothes, but never loose your style, y'know?

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I decided that for this week trip I would eat anything my heart desires, but with moderation. My decision started off at an airport restaurant that served the best fries! I seemed way too full to finish my Chicken Caesar Wrap, but not too full to continue eating fries! 


I felt comfortable in my chosen airport outfit for half  a day dedicated completely to sitting down and putting up with turbulence. It was a late flight, so we ended up arriving to Orlando at 11:40ish. After obtaining our baggage and flagging a taxi, we ended up arriving at our beautiful hotel at one in the morning. 


I am not kidding when I say that I loved, loved this hotel! Typical Disney, they seriously put a lot of attention to every detail! I put up a Snapchat of the hotel and people actually believed I was in Africa for vacation! Not to mention that the hotel has a small zoo, next to the pools you can see giraffes, zebras, ostriches, flamingos, and antelopes. 


The hotel even went all out with the light ambiance, having it a bit sepia toned and low so that it could increase the Africa look. It was really great, but for a girl who has to do her makeup every morning, a low light in the room at those moments may have not been the best of ideas. 




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