2014 Spring Trend Alert: Purple

This Month's Purple Trend

My mother is a force to be reckoned with when it comes to shopping and spotting trends. Who needs Vogue when you have someone who is out and about in the city shopping almost every day and reporting back to you with trend alerts?

This month, me and my mom took a trip to the city together and we spotted a girl wearing a beautiful, semi-transparent purple floral shirt. My mom then looked at me and said in a nonchalant manner: "Oh, I've seen so much purple lately... Lilac, a beautiful pastel purple. Everyone's wearing it, total trend." Um, mother? March is almost over, why didn't your trend alert come to my ears earlier? Well, fingers crossed she doesn't forget her April trend alert in the starting of the month!

I've joined Polyvore a little while ago and have not regretted it, I can now do all this cool stuff with my posts and let you guys know what each item's are.

Enjoy these lilac items and have a great March! (Even though it is almost over!)

Purple lace dress

Mid length dress

Givenchy purple tote

Henri bendel handbag

Burberry floral handbag

Kate Spade purple bracelet

Silk shawl

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